Activities in the School

The school provides conducive atmosphere and facilities for its pupils to participate in a wide variety of Activities during the course of the child's tenure of study.

Many activities are annual features like Sports Day, Quiz, Debates, Theatre, Dance & Music. There are others like Exhibitions, Fete, Reach Out Programs, Social Service visits etc.

The school also encourages participation in Public Speaking, Yoga, Film Making, Gardening & Cooking.

All of these activities are conducted under the guidance of the school faculty. Each pupil is encouraged to develop and hone inter-personal skills, confidence, poise and reliability.


The pupils are grouped into four Houses, which have their own colours and names. Each House is headed by an elected Captain and Vice-Captain. Inter-House competitions in different school activities bring about a spirit of competitive unity, with each team endeavoring to win laurels for their respective 'houses'.

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