Vocational Training


We are aware that young ladies in our neighborhood have to struggle to support themselves and their families. Vocational training can help such young ladies to earn for themselves and their families. Our knitting and tailoring classes, which have 22 students and 2 teachers, is another example of our Reach out Programme. The young ladies, some of whom had lost all hope in life are now earning members for their families and can see a ray of sunshine in their lives. Today they attend these classes in our school premises from 12.30 to 3.30p.m. The school pays for the teacher and has bought a number of knitting machines.

This project started in the year 1995. A co-ordinator supervises the project. Orders are placed by teachers, students and often, Local schools for cardigans, shawls and scarves. The wool, buttons, thread, needles etc are provided by the school.

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